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    UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity.

    Posted by Anonymous in Geek  ID#:4176
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    Monopoly's just a game, Senator... I'm trying to control the f***ing world.

    Posted by Alkdarf in Geek  ID#:21457
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    It's not bogus, it's an IBM standard.

    Posted by Anonymous in Geek  ID#:4417
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    Photons have neither morals or visas.

    Posted by Anonymous in Geek  ID#:4404
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    If you want a language that tries to lock up all the sharp objects and fire-making implements, use Pascal or Ada: the Nerf languages, harmless fun for children of all ages, and they won't mar the furniture.

    Posted by Anonymous in Geek  ID#:4398
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    A community is not a community of disembodied spoken statements, in part because the most important aspect of the communication that people have is emotional, and one often communicates emotion not in terms of the text but as a subtext. The physical body is not irrelevant to a human community. The emotional subtext of human communication is crucial to human thought. It isn't a footnote. Too many computer scientists don't understand this.

    Posted by saturate in Geek  ID#:5393
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