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    Passwords are like underwear. You shouldn’t leave them out where people can see them. You should change them regularly. And you shouldn’t loan them out to strangers.

    Posted by xaebhal in Geek  ID#:64123
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    A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those?

    Posted by steelcover in Geek  ID#:100381
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    Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity.

    Posted by auslandt in Geek  ID#:49844
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    A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila.

    Posted by Alkdarf in Geek  ID#:21454
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    Windows has detected you do not have a keyboard. Press 'F9' to continue.

    Posted by svill666 in Geek  ID#:49317
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    Dear Tech Support:
    Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0. I soon noticed that the new program began unexpected child processing that took up a lot of space and resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installed itself into all other programs and now monitors all other system activity. Applications such as Poker Night 10.3, Football 5.0, HuntingAndFishing 7.5, and Racing 3.6. I can't seem to keep Wife 1.0 in the background while attempting to run my favorite applications. I'm thinking about going back to Girlfriend 7.0, but the uninstall doesn't work on Wife 1.0. Please help!

    Thanks ...Troubled User

    Dear Troubled User:
    This is a very common problem. Many people upgrade from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0, thinking that it is just a Utilities and Entertainment program. Wife 1.0 is an OPERATING SYSTEM and is designed by its Creator to run EVERYTHING!!! It is also impossible to delete Wife 1.0 and to return to Girlfriend 7.0. It is impossible to uninstall, or purge the program files from the system once installed. You cannot go back to Girlfriend 7.0 because Wife 1.0 is designed not to allow this. Look in your Wife 1.0 manual under Warnings-Alimony-Child Support. I recommend that you keep Wife 1.0 installed and work on improving the configuration. I suggest installing the background application YesDear 99.0 to alleviate software augmentation.

    The best course of action is to enter the command C:\APOLOGIZE because ultimately you will have to do this before the system will return to normal anyway.

    Wife 1.0 is a great program, but it tends to be very high maintenance. Wife 1.0 comes with several support programs, such as CleanAndSweep 3.0, CookIt 1.5 and DoBills 4.2. However, be very careful how you use these programs. Improper use will cause the system to launch the program NagNag 9.5. Once this happens, the only way to improve the performance of Wife 1.0 is to purchase additional software. I recommend Flowers 2.1 and Diamonds 5.0, but beware because sometimes these applications can be expensive.

    WARNING!!! DO NOT, under any circumstances, install SecretaryWithShortSkirt 3.3. This application is not supported by Wife 1.0 and will cause irreversible damage to the operating system.

    WARNING!!! Attempting to install NewGirlFriend 8.8 along with Wife 1.0 will crash the system.

    (see Wife 1.0 manual, Apologize, High Maintenance & Secretary with Short Skirt)

    Posted by aschrage in Geek  ID#:109574
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    People say that if you play Microsoft CD's backwards, you hear satanic things, but that's nothing, because if you play them forwards, they install Windows.

    Posted by ziveeman in Geek  ID#:46170
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    In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows?

    Posted by Anonymous in Geek  ID#:8922
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    MICROSOFT = Most Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software Only Fools Teenagers

    Posted by ziveeman in Geek  ID#:46789
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    "Concept: On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the escape button."

    Posted by magpie in Geek  ID#:4251

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