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    High school isn't about finding your's about finding your bridesmaids.

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    My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher.

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    > You have two choices in life: You can stay single and be miserable, or get married and wish you were dead.
    > __________
    > At a cocktail party, one woman said to another, "Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?"
    > "Yes, I am. I married the wrong man", said t'other.
    > __________
    A lady inserted an ad in the classifieds: "Husband Wanted".
    Next day she received a hundred letters.
    They all said the same thing: "You can have mine."
    > __________
    When a woman steals your husband, there is no better revenge than to let her keep him.
    A woman is incomplete until she is married-- then she's finished .
    A young son asked, "Is it true Dad, that in some parts of Africa a man doesn't know his wife until he marries her?"
    Dad replied, "That happens in every country, son."
    Then there was a woman who said, "I never knew what real happiness was until I got married, and by then, it was too late."
    Marriage is the triumph of imagination ove r intelligence.
    If you want your spouse to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say -- talk in your sleep.
    Just think, if it weren't for marriage, men would go through life thinking they had no faults at all.
    First guy says, "My wife's an angel!"
    Second guy remarks, "You're lucky, mine's still alive."
    "A Woman's Prayer:
    Dear Lord, I pray for: Wisdom, to understand a man, to Love and to
    forgive him, and for patience, for his moods. Because Lord, if I pray
    for Strength I'll just beat him to death"


    Husband and wife are waiting at the bus stop with their nine children. A blind man joins them after a few minutes. When the bus arrives, they find it overloaded and only the wife and the nine kids are able to fit onto the bus.

    So the husband and the blind man decide to walk. After a while, the husband gets irritated by the ticking of the stick of the blind man as he taps it on the sidewalk, and says to him, "Why
    > don't you put a piece of rubber at the end of your stick? That
    ticking sound is driving me crazy."

    The blind man replies, "If you had put a rubber at the end of YOUR stick, we'd be riding the bus, so shut the hell up."

    Posted by pagan in Marriage  ID#:164839
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    This what my Wife said when I asked her to marry me:

    YES... I will be your best friend for life, I will be the one who bakes you cookies, I will be the one who shares your fun, your sadness, I will be the one who listens when you have a bad day, I will be the one who holds you when you are sad, I will be the one who dances every slow song with you, I will be the one who is waiting at home with the lights on for you to come home from work so that my day brightens, I will be the one who walks hand in hand with you, I will be the one who accidentally washes a red sock with your white work shirts so they all turn pink!, I will be the one who remembers your birthday at 12:01 May 19, I will be the one who knows how to piss you off in 2 seconds flat, I will be the one who goes Christmas shopping with you, I will be the one who mows your grass, I will be the one who holds you down and tickles you till you cannot stand it anymore and then make sweet love to you-till you cannot stand it anymore, I will be the one that gets b**chy and you'll have to put up With me, I will be the one who loves every ridiculous little thing about you, I will be the one who begs you for a puppy Springer spaniel lab, if you must know!, I will be the one who will be able to finish your sentences for you, I will be the one you'll go skinny-dipping with and I ain't gonna be wearing my bra, I will be the one that remembers you don't like mushrooms or olives, so I'll leave them out of the spaghetti sauce , I will be the one to read to you on long car trips, I will be the one who gets jealous If I catch you looking at another girl , I will be the one who remembers all of your stories from growing up and be interested every time you retell them, I will be the one who finds you fascinating, I will be the one you take to Somerset-and I'll take MY shirt off so I won't worry about other girls, I will be the one to put the chicken in the soup, I will be the mother of your CHLDREN, however many you would want to have, I will be the one who makes their Halloween costumes, I will be the one who gives you a look every time you say a bad word in front of the kids, And I will be the one who takes ordinary words and turn them into bad words cause they annoy me!, I will be the one to love them so that they never have to feel insecure, I will be the one to get up in the middle of the night with the baby-half the time!, I will be at your son's every soccer, hockey, football, t-ball Game, I will be at your daughter's every soccer and hockey game, every dance rectal and cheer leading performance, I will be the one who holds your kids when they cry , I will be the one who bandages every banged knee, I will be the one to leave out some of the details of when we met while the kids are young , I will be the one who whips out the ol' bible for some good ol story telling, I will be the one who throws daggers at you with every shot I get while pregnant, I will be the one who smiles cause she is nervous when your babes get their own shots, I will be the one who cries when their birthdays come because they grow up too fast, I will be the one who dresses them oddly at times cause I have NO fashion sense, I will be the one who keeps your bed warm for you when you have to close, I will be the one who will tease and entice you all day long- but you won't regret it come night, I will be the one who wants to make love to you every single night, but who may need your understanding when the kids have given me a hard day and just want to be held, I will be the one who cannot keep her hands off you, I will be the one who never tires of getting tied up, I will be the one who smiles back at you on your wedding day, I will promise to love and honor you, I will be the one who cries when you pledge yourself to me, I will be the one who wears your ring, I will be your wife, I will be your best friend for life

    Posted by pizzaman in Marriage  ID#:49407
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    "You don't marry the person you can live with...You Marry the person You cant live without!"

    Posted by Anonymous in Marriage  ID#:268547
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    The path that leads to happiness is so narrow that two can not walk on it unless they become one.

    Posted by Optimus_Prime in Marriage  ID#:264725
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    Happiest couples in the world, never have the same ‘NATURE’.
    They just have the best ‘UNDERSTANDING, of their ‘DIFFERENCES’

    Posted by Ashwini in Marriage  ID#:306315
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    Meet You in Heaven

    After a long illness, a woman died and arrived at the Gates of Heaven. While she was waiting for Saint Peter to greet her, she peeked through the Gates. She saw a beautiful banquet table. Sitting all around were her parents and all the other people she had loved and who had died before her. They saw her and began calling greetings to her -- "Hello" "How are you! We've been waiting for you!" "Good to see you".

    When Saint Peter came by, the woman said to him "This is such a wonderful place! How do I get in?"

    "You have to spell a word", Saint Peter told her.

    "Which word?", the woman asked.


    The woman correctly spelled "Love" and Saint Peter welcomed her into Heaven.

    About six months later, Saint Peter came to the woman and asked her to watch the Gates of Heaven for him that day. While the woman was guarding the Gates of Heaven, her husband arrived.

    "I'm surprised to see you," the woman said. "How have you been?" "Oh, I've been doing pretty well since you died," her husband told her. "I married the beautiful young nurse who took care of you while you were ill. And then I won the lottery. I sold the little house you and I lived in and bought a big mansion. And my wife and I traveled all around the world. We were on vacation and I went water skiing today. I fell, the ski hit my head, and here I am. How do I get in?"

    "You have to spell a word", the woman told him.

    "Which word?", her husband asked.


    Posted by ILoveYou05 in Marriage  ID#:75781
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    I just read last year 4,153,237 ppl got married. I don't want to start any trouble, but shouldn't that be an even number?

    Posted by marzok in Marriage  ID#:324720
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    I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance: a church filled with flowers and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for; he said one that would make me his wife.

    Posted by casgirl_14_08 in Marriage  ID#:53058

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