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    It's hard when you miss people. But, you know, if you miss them it means you were lucky. It means you had someone special in your life, someone worth missing.

    May 14, 2010 by CAKEfromSPACE in Television  ID#:286629
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    Have you ever looked at a picture and seen a stranger in the background. It makes you wonder, how many strangers have pictures of you? How many moments of other peoples lives have we been in? Were we a part of someones life when their dream came true? Or were we there when their dreams died. Did we keep trying to get in, as if we were somehow destined to be there. Or did the shot take us by surprise. Just think, you could be a big part of someone's life, and not even know it.

    January 22, 2007 by marsbar in Television  ID#:111173
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    Sometimes it's easy to feel like you're the only one in the world who's struggling, who's frustrated, or unsatisfied, or barely getting by. But that feelings a lie. And if you just hold on, just find the courage to face it all for another day and someone, or something, will find you and make it all okay. Because we all need a little help sometimes. Someone to help us hear the music in our world. To remind us that it won't always be this way. That someone is out there, and that someone will find you

    November 28, 2006 by Anonymous in Television  ID#:103304
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    Joey: ....But it is odd how a women’s purse looks good on me, a man.

    Rachel: See? Unisex.

    Joey: Maybe *you* need sex. I just had it a few days ago.

    Rachel: No, Joey, U-N-I-sex.

    Joey: I wouldn't say no to that.

    May 29, 2007 by Needyl in Television  ID#:126947
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    if there's just one piece of advice i can give you, it's this - when there's something you really want, fight for it, don't give up no matter how hopeless it seems. and when you've lost hope, ask yourself if 10 years from now, you're gonna wish you gave it just one more shot. because the best things in life, they don't come free

    November 7, 2006 by gymnast928 in Television  ID#:99788
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    And I will love you and squeeze you and call you George

    October 24, 2002 by Anonymous in Television  ID#:5307
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    Happy Birthday to me,
    Happy Birthday to me,
    I feel so damn lonely,
    Won't someone kill me

    November 1, 2009 by bitememylove in Television  ID#:246702
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    We deny that we're tired, we deny that we're scared, we deny how badly we want to succeed. And most importantly, we deny that we're in denial. We only see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe, and it works. We lie to ourselves so much that after a while the lies start to seem like the truth. We deny so much that we can't recognize the truth right in front of our faces.

    October 18, 2006 by silhouette in Television  ID#:97273
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    There are over six billion people in the world, but sometimes all you really need is one.

    October 8, 2005 by carli in Television  ID#:50011
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    Well, by the time you see this, I won't be here anymore, and I know how much that sucks, for both of us. So seeing as how I won't be around to thoroughly annoy you, I thought I would give you a little list of the things that I wish for you. Well, there's the obvious. An education. Family. Friends. And a life that is full of the unexpected. Be sure to make mistakes. Make a lot of them, because there's no better way to learn and to grow. And, I want you to spend a lot of time at the ocean, because the ocean forces you to dream, and I insist that you be a dreamer. God. I've never really believed in god. In fact, I've spent a lot of time and energy trying to disprove that god exists. But I hope that you are able to believe in god, because the thing that I've come to realize, is that it just doesn't matter if god exists or not. The important thing is for you to believe in something, because I promise you that that belief will keep you warm at night, and I want you to feel safe always. And then there's love. I want you to love to the tips of your fingers, and when you find that love, wherever you find it, whoever you choose, don't run away from it. But you don't have to chase after it either. You just be patient, and it'll come to you. Don't be afraid. And remember, to love is to live.

    August 6, 2004 by Vietmonkey in Television  ID#:21224