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    The wellness of health is conceived , created and enjoyed in mind than in body.

    Posted by Anujsomany in Wealth  ID#:518434
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    Neither a rich man or a poor man gets to enjoy his money. One is too busy trying to hold on to it, and the other is too busy trying to get it.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Wealth  ID#:527396
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    "The sun shines on the rich and the poor alike. But when it comes to rain, the rich have better umbrellas."

    Posted by Clockworker in Wealth  ID#:47320
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    You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.

    Posted by Knightmace in Wealth  ID#:507686
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    “"Waste" is merely a word that crops up either in the event of people's closed mind or finds its place and position as vocabulary in dictionary, otherwise there is absolutely nothing like "Waste" anytime and anywhere in our world.”

    Posted by Anujsomany in Wealth  ID#:518409
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    If you don't think you're rich, try counting all the things you have that money can't buy...

    Posted by Hawkster in Wealth  ID#:476292
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    Money doesn't change you, it changes the people around you.

    Posted by frizzyfrisco in Wealth  ID#:393888
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    Money is not Everything- but make sure you have plenty of it before telling such NONSENSE !

    Posted by Arijit in Wealth  ID#:281623
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    many people think happiness are better than money, but the fact is without money there's no happiness in this real world that you lived in, does happiness feed you nor give you an easy life?
    but money does!

    Posted by DarknessMatters in Wealth  ID#:480571
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    A poor man can only afford to buy the best.

    Posted by None in Wealth  ID#:3950

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