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    Strength is not how hard you can kick, but how much you cant take.

    August 13, 2005 by Amanda in Sports  ID#:45716
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    Finding Shadows

    Darkness talking softly
    Whispers let me know
    Soundless screaming voices
    Miss me when I go

    Youll never no I missed u
    Or no that I was here
    To u I never existed
    I cried for u a tear

    My eyes they find the shadows
    Wish I could feel u now
    To u im lost forever
    I cnt come back somehow

    U let me go like nothing
    Pretending all along
    Now again I say goodbye
    Wnt miss me when im gone

    Then I look into the night
    The sky awash with gray
    Watch as shadows surround my heart
    And then I slip away

    July 20, 2005 by Amanda in General  ID#:44039
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    Girl: Will you remember me in an hour?
    Guy: yes
    Girl: a day?
    Guy: yes
    Girl: a year?
    Guy: yes
    Girl: Eternity?
    Guy: yes
    Girl: Knock knock
    Guy: who's there?
    Girl: i thought you said youd remember me....

    April 23, 2005 by Amanda in Fun Phrases  ID#:36629
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    what's six inches long, two inches wide, and drives girls crazy?.......................................................................... MONEY!!!

    April 10, 2005 by Amanda in Fun Phrases  ID#:35647
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    I woke up today
    Woke up wide awake
    IN an empty bed
    Staring at an empty room

    I have myself to blame
    For the state I'm in today
    And now dying doesn't seem so cruel
    And oh I don't know what to say
    And I don't know anyway, anymore

    I hate myself for losing you.

    December 26, 2004 by Amanda in Music  ID#:28377