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    Are you aware that you have garbage spilling out of your mouth?....

    Posted by Crimson_Renegade in Comebacks  ID#:502070
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    A Favorite of 132 users

    U don't like me ?
    Cool, I don't wake up every day to impress YOU !

    Posted by tinatiny in Comebacks  ID#:463703
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    I may not be the girl everyone wants, but at least i aint the girl everyone had.

    Posted by allyboo715 in Comebacks  ID#:451730
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    A Favorite of 94 users

    Oh I'm sorry , did u say something ? I tend to go deaf when I'm hearing bulls**t .

    Posted by Aida. in Comebacks  ID#:451614
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    A Favorite of 112 users

    "B**ch please, I can remove 90% of your so called "beauty" with a kleenex"

    Posted by IAmMattMcCarty in Comebacks  ID#:441421
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    Just because I shut up and walk away doesn't mean you've won. It just means I don't have time to deal with your crap.

    Posted by ellimac_:) in Comebacks  ID#:439913
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    B**ch, don't stand so close to the heater. Plastic melts.

    Posted by Logan in Comebacks  ID#:423221
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    A Favorite of 180 users

    Now i'm invisible to you? great, i've always wanted a superpower

    Posted by i_want_you in Comebacks  ID#:409240
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    You're not popular, your vagina is!

    Posted by cessbaby_32 in Comebacks  ID#:407892
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    A Favorite of 89 users

    "You're too gorgeous to be single."

    "You're too ugly to be flirting with me.”

    Posted by rafabreu in Comebacks  ID#:407797
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