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    Sometimes the hardest thing to remember is... "I can't do anything about this. I just need to let it go." Do not allow yourself to stay prisoner to things you are unable to change.

    November 28, 2018 by -jenna123 in Letting Go  ID#:650472
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    Meeting you was not so much like getting to know you as it was like listening to a tune you don’t remember hearing before, yet you always seem to know what the next note will be.
    You were a familiar melody so addictive that before I realized it you were stuck in my head and I couldn’t get you out. Every moment of you played on constant repeat and would go round in my head for hours. Slowly you became the soundtrack to my life; every place I went, every person I spoke to, every dream I dreamed – there you were, constantly playing in the background. For whatever reason you resonated with me like no one else ever had and I listened to you intently… studied you and replayed you until I had memorized you perfectly.
    Then you pressed the stop button one day and I didn’t hear anything from you for a long time…
    The sudden silence was painful and lonely so I kept replaying you in my mind to keep me company… over and over until I thought I’d go insane. Eventually I tried to fade you out in the hopes that I’d forget you and I’ll admit that you are quieter now… I suppose it’s only natural that the more distance there is between us the quieter you become and the more time that goes by the more our conversations fade away like echoes.
    You were like my favorite song once… but lately I’m forgetting all the words and I don’t know how to feel about it… But the one thing I do know for certain is that somehow I had known you long before I knew you… That is why you were already so familiar to me that is how I know that even if you were to fade to a mere whisper… it would only take a single moment with you for everything to come flooding back to me once again. And as much as I miss the sound of your voice…
    I know that wall of silence is the only thing keeping the emotions at bay.

    October 31, 2018 by Lucky✒Santangelo in Letting Go  ID#:649995
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    It's hard to turn the page, when you know someone won't be in the next chapter, but the story must go on..

    October 6, 2018 by -jenna123 in Letting Go  ID#:649415
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    no reason to stay, is a good enough reason to go..

    October 6, 2018 by snow.tinker_animeLover in Letting Go  ID#:649399
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    "One day, your heart will stop begging for the person who broke it.."

    October 6, 2018 by -jenna123 in Letting Go  ID#:649398
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    Stop wanting to be around that person is causing you pain you got to move forward with your life before it's too late

    September 28, 2018 by Anonymous in Letting Go  ID#:649262
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    There are things we don't want to happen but have to accept, Things we don't want to know but have to learn And people we can't live without but have to let go.

    August 11, 2018 by Kumuduni Kumari in Letting Go  ID#:648155
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    Were it not better to forget,
    Than but remember and regret?

    August 10, 2018 by 5|\/|l73 in Letting Go  ID#:648129
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    Letting go is gonna take Everything in me. But I will LET GO.

    August 9, 2018 by Lucky✒Santangelo in Letting Go  ID#:648091
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    Every single time my weary orbs searched for you in a plethora of inscrutable countenances, a gnawing feeling of despondency crept over my entire being as an imperishable vine, clasped me in its embrace up to the point of suffocation, the harder I tried to break loose, the more ferociously it strangulated me.

    July 11, 2018 by D0ry in Letting Go  ID#:647106