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    The more a husband finds in own home the intrusion of his mother-in-law’s advice or suggestion through her conversation with his wife, the more he would be feeling choked out of breath in his life.

    A few days ago by Anujsomany in Marriage  ID#:643534
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    The more a mother intrudes with her advice into her married daughter’s house, the more she spoils her daughter’s relationship with the spouse.

    Posted by Anujsomany in Marriage  ID#:639583
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    Marriage Tip #46

    Your wife wont start and argument with you if your cleaning.

    Posted by PhoenixMode in Marriage  ID#:637795
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    1.``` Friendship like love is but a name
    but, unless to one you stint the flame
    It is like a child who has many friends
    But rarely finds a true one.

    2.`` You spinsters/bachelors, look before you leap
    Faithfulness forming the basis of love
    Nurtured to maturity
    Coupled with sincerity of purpose

    3.`` Every man is the product love
    Nobody survives without love,
    Love thy neighbour as thy self,
    Therefore, love forms the basis of our existence

    4.`` Love is the road to marriage
    Marriage is the is the product of love
    The road to creating life
    The “road” where a man and a woman unites into one
    The “place” where a man’s linage unites with woman’s own

    5.There nations appears
    And history emerges
    Hence an ideal home begins
    This day I will marry my friend
    This day I must marry my “love”
    The one I laugh with
    And serve God with i.e. my love

    6. Your people will be my people
    And your God will be my God
    My love, I will be part of you

    7. When tribulations come
    It is a challenge, not a curse

    8. Love is very patient and kind
    Love is not jealous or boastful, proud or rude
    It does not demand its own way
    It is not irritable
    And keeps no record of when it has been wronged
    It is never glad about injustice
    But rejoices whenever the truth wins out

    9. Love never loses faith
    Love is always hopeful
    And endures through any circumstances
    Love will forever
    And forever endure. By Oladejo S.O. PhD

    Posted by epidemiologist in Marriage  ID#:636949
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    Sometimes we exhaust ourselves in finding the right person. In the other hand, we then to forget that others are looking for the their right person too. Because, we are too busy in finding each others' right half, we forget to be the right person for the right person we are seeking. Thus, stop the quest and be the RIGHT person for the RIGHT person you are looking for. You may continue with your search but try to ask yourself before you go on, "Are you the right person that right person you are looking for?"

    Posted by salter in Marriage  ID#:636911
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    A man, who unconditionally does agree to the unstated clause that it is only he who has to say always SORRY and never she under any damn situation, is only eligible and entitle to marry a woman.

    Posted by Anujsomany in Marriage  ID#:636208
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    You are my Destiny

    Posted by TeenageDream in Marriage  ID#:636020
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    Marry someone with a beautiful soul. A person who isn’t afraid to show love or be loved. Find the person who encourages you to be your best self. When you do, be good to them. Express your gratitude and love daily to this person who is giving you the precious gift of sharing their life with you.

    Posted by Anonymous in Marriage  ID#:635654
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    People interfere in a person’s internal family matters not with an intention to resolve the feud, but mere with a selfish interest of showing own importance as a judge. Only foolish individual invites those devilish minds as mediators in own private home dispute.

    Posted by Anujsomany in Marriage  ID#:635499
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    A woman who remains connected with her mother via a communication link to convey on a daily or a weekly basis the things about her in-laws members as what they eat, drink and think; normally likes the man of the house to act like a weak mouse before her & so naturally always keeps her married life on the brink of the failure.

    Posted by Anujsomany in Marriage  ID#:635344
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