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    A person who loves own family first lives only for few members of the house, but if someone shares own photo often to show an affection for the family on social networking sites, then s/he is most likely to be a self-seeker who is just pretending to have care and concern for the close-ones.

    A few days ago by Anujsomany in Relationships  ID#:647109
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    If an air of distrust amongst people all around persists, it remains to be seen as how long this selfish world exists.

    A few days ago by Anujsomany in Relationships  ID#:646826
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    Choose your friends very carefully

    A few days ago by Crazy Eugene in Relationships  ID#:646801
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    She chooses anger , he chooses guilt . Both quit!

    Posted by KitzDr in Relationships  ID#:646236
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    If you leave somebody at least tell them why, because what's more painful than abandonment, is knowing you're not worth an explanation.

    Posted by Darwin Watterson in Relationships  ID#:645885
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    I Love You, Just the Way You Are <3

    Posted by WesternRose in Relationships  ID#:645785
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    When it came time for us to cross paths, fate held our hands.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Relationships  ID#:645392
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    Know your worth in a relationship. Move on when necessary.. you can't sit in the front row if your tickets say 'balcony.'

    Posted by Anonymous in Relationships  ID#:568932
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    be with someone who won't stay mad at you, who can't stand not talking to you, and who's afraid of losing you.

    Posted by lolkaylaa! in Relationships  ID#:520560
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    Relationships are harder nowdays because Conversations became texting, Arguments became phone calls, The word “love” gets used out of context, Getting jealous became a habit, Trust has been lost, cheating became an accident, Leaving became the only option & Being hurt became natural.

    Posted by luv.angel in Relationships  ID#:507055
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