Live Smarter: Read Only the BEST Books of All Time!

The Board of Wisdom was originally created based on my lifelong interest in quotations that lift the spirit either by being funny, inspiring, or both. Please read What Makes the Best Quotes?, which is the basis for the quote list.

- Art Schrage

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Live Smarter: Read Only the BEST Books of All Time!

Imagine if instead of asking one friend for a book recommendation, you could poll hundreds or thousands of people. If all of those people considered a particular book to be one of their "all time favorites", don't you think the chances are good that you would find it worthwhile also?

Best-Selling Doesn't Necessarily Mean Best

Many people refer to the New York Times Best Seller's List to choose what they read. This is a list of books that have SOLD the best. And we assume that the better the book is, the better it will sell. However, many things influence book sales, such as price, marketing, advertising, cover artwork, etc. Also, book lists such as this only cover RECENTLY PUBLISHED books, and there is no reason to assume that these are better than others.

Our List Ranks Books People ENJOYED

The Board of Wisdom Book List is not intended to be a reference of every book that was ever published. It contains only the books that our visitors have cared enough about to enter here. Please contribute your own favorite books to the Board of Wisdom book list. To do so, simply:

1) Click the "Books" link directly under the heading of this page.

2) You will now be in the book section of this site. Click the Submit a Book link in the left navigation bar.

Also, don't forget to click on "Add to My Favorites" next to your favorite books!

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