What Makes the Best Quotes?

Some argue that the best quotes carry a hidden meaning, one we can relate to our own lives and experiences. A truly wise quote can offer a new perspective and can change how we view the world. It can reflect a universal experience or bring light to an underappreciated idea. Others say that the best quotes are not completely predictable; like jokes, you often do not see the punchline coming. They end with a surprising thought and evoke an emotional response. Some quotes can make you cry, while others can make you laugh. Some can cause you to nod in agreement, while others can provoke deeper thought.

In the chaos of the millions of new quotes devised every day, it may be difficult to decipher which of these are truly the wisest of them all.

The Board of Wisdom brings you quotes that reflect a kind of consensus. Many people with different perspectives find value in these quotes. Some appreciate their basic meaning, while others appreciate the unspoken ideas they contain.

If you look, you will see the quotes that dominate The Board of Wisdom are certainly wise... at least most of them, anyway :-)