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what if they're your best friend's bf?
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Did you ever fall for someone you know you shouldn't?Try hard to fight your feelings, but you... enig
7/20/2018 3:07:21 AM
I'd like to share this quote with my group. Do you mind? To whom do I give credit?
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Fear is what the mind creates when the heart decides to act arantm
11/6/2017 2:34:25 AM
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This quote is by Kelly Clarkson in her song "Because Of You"
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I'm forced to fake a smile, a laugh everyday of my life WisdomGirlee
7/10/2018 7:11:42 AM
i'm sorry but the one that says When a GIRL says I love you,
She means it is realy an idiot...
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When a GIRL is quiet,Millions of things are running in her mindWhen a GIRL is not arguing... yes i am
6/29/2018 12:09:36 AM
Carmelo Anthony is the one the quoted that!
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Every Morning you have two choices.. Continue your sleep with dreaming OR wake up and chase your ... Mimzy3!
6/26/2018 2:34:30 AM
This sounds amazingly similar to a poem i wrote about 20 years ago!!
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Did you ever love someone, but knew they didn't care?Did you ever feel like crying, but knew ... giggleboks
5/19/2015 8:43:09 PM
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I love that
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Today I caught myself smiling for no reason... then I realized I was thinking about you Lyman
6/21/2018 3:01:16 PM
I thought that the serenity prayer was an antimetabole, of the form:
Grant me the serenity ...
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Give me the wisdom to accept the things I cannot change, and the courage to change the things I c... hedgemaker
6/16/2018 3:07:54 AM
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.... I still don't get it..So you drank sprite then got killed?
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I went to a party, And remembered what you said.You told me not to drink, MomSo I had... NlC0l3
10/22/2012 11:54:32 PM
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I thinking a whole day I need help? Please
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I want to stop loving you but my heart doesnt listen my dreams dont change m... maahir
6/4/2018 3:54:06 AM
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