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gabegeerawn Albert Einstein was agnostic, look it up. 10/1/2010 3:00:37 PM
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kilroy85 pretty sure this isn't einsteins quote.. but einstein believed in a creator, he was a deist.

when working on the theory of relativity, einstein realized that the equations led to the conclusion that the universe had a beginning... he didn't like this thought at first because it meant that there had to be a creator, God. at first he added a cosmological constant to his equation in an attempt to undermine this fact... later on he said that this was one of the worst mistakes in his life, especially after edwin hubble confirmed the universe was expanding and had to have had a beginning at some point

this is a quote from einstein:

"I'm not an atheist and I don't think I can call myself a pantheist. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangements of the books, but doesn't know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God."

This is a conversation from the Saturday Evening Post in 1929:
"To what extent are you influenced by Christianity?"
E: "As a child I received instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud. I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene."
"Have you read Emil Ludwig’s book on Jesus?"
E: "Emil Ludwig’s Jesus is shallow. Jesus is too colossal for the pen of phrasemongers, however artful. No man can dispose of Christianity with a bon mot!"
"You accept the historical existence of Jesus?"
E: "Unquestionably! No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.

to summarize, there was no doubt in einsteins mind that God created the universe, and that Jesus existed Historically and that he was amazed at Jesus. einsteins doubt was in how God can be personal, and this doubt was because he saw much immorality in people and thought that if there was a personal God, people should all be perfectly moral... he didn't get that God gives each individual person the ability to make their own choice, and if we were limited to making only good choices.. obviously that choice would not be possible.
10/1/2010 4:13:41 PM
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