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emaiaress that man went to my high school 9/10/2006 6:00:47 PM
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emaiaress he also invented the telephone
the scottish people clearly are better than everyone else

9/10/2006 6:53:30 PM
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deflep89 Woo, Avid Merrion went to my school... 9/11/2006 5:27:16 AM
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emaiaress did he invent the telephone?
no he did not
i win
9/11/2006 6:28:56 AM
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smile_cry OH HE DIDNT INVENT THE TELEPHONE. An italian guy did. STOP TAKING PERIT FOR THINGS THAT AREN'T TRULY theirs. Gosh. 9/11/2006 12:52:12 PM
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deflep89 Well he and his friend invented it, so...AND if it wasn't for the telephone, mobile phones wouldn't be as advanced and so we would not be to blame for radiation in our brains. Which btw, is also a load of bulls***. 9/11/2006 12:59:39 PM
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smile_cry Shut up. Cellphones Do give radiation. Lets not even go into it. Its a matter of personal opinion. You can't say they do, you can't say they dont. theres not enough information to back up those statements. All you can say that there's a trend between people who use their cellphone a lot, and those who get cancer.

Also, Antonio Meucci invented the telephone way before. he was an italian immigrant. Bell stole his idea. THAT ALSO IS AN OPINION. we do no know who invented it for SURE. THERE.
9/11/2006 1:04:24 PM
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deflep89 I never said they didn't give radiation, I just said 'for our brains'. And telling me to shut up? Oh please, grow up. 9/11/2006 2:35:04 PM
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emaiaress ok, sorry, maybe i shoudlnt believe what i read...

didnt mean to offend you smile!
9/11/2006 4:02:18 PM
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smile_cry pssh. ema it wasnt aimed at you..but at deflep person there. Dont worry;) 9/12/2006 10:08:18 AM
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