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dancerbabe719 omg i freaking love this quote. . . i practically pee my pant every time i read it. . . lmao 11/26/2006 1:53:14 AM
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Spook Lmao thats good. 11/26/2006 2:45:40 AM
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smile_cry tis. 11/26/2006 6:02:29 AM
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heartBROKENgurl hahahahahaha. i know, when there r commercials for sleeping pills there all ways like, warning may cause drowsiness. YAH THINK?? 12/30/2006 4:44:45 PM
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stars_n_smiles but it's not coz of their stupidity

it's coz of the stupidity of the people. people will always try to sue for anything, so companies have to cover themselves
12/30/2006 5:21:24 PM
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some_random_hobo there are a couple not on their that ive heard like on a mattress "do not attempt to swallow" and on a television remote "not dishwasher safe" 12/30/2006 8:00:44 PM
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