Discussion - Vday plans anyone?

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Raistlin So whats everyone doing for vday? 2/7/2007 2:31:11 PM
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stars_n_smiles Not sure yet, probably somthing anti-love though! ;) 2/7/2007 3:06:48 PM
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Angel_wings i just came back from a funeral.. 2/7/2007 4:04:35 PM
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hot4cars my friends (at school) and i arn't valentine friendly, i try to avoid it at all costs possible, we have an early relese that day so at least it shouldnt be that bad.
and angel_wings, im sorry about your loss, i hope things get better for u.
2/7/2007 4:11:16 PM
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Angel_wings thank you.. 2/7/2007 4:16:36 PM
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SelzZ I think lots of us here have struggled with loosing someone close, you're not alone Angel. Was it a family member? :(

AS for valentines day uhh.. not a lot, me and my bro send prank cards to each other, even though we know its from each other, its still fun :D
2/7/2007 4:19:20 PM
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Angel_wings yeah it was my aunt (my fathers' sister)
she had cancer..
2/7/2007 4:24:11 PM
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Angel_wings thanks Selina.. 2/7/2007 4:25:02 PM
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SelzZ Damn cancer..
It's such a killer.
I'm sorry to hear about your loss...
2/7/2007 4:26:31 PM
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2/7/2007 4:36:16 PM
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Hugs_not_Drugs_ i hate it too mars
it makes me so mad
i hate relationships
they never work out the right way

is it true that iceland is grassy and greenland is icy?

2/7/2007 5:27:06 PM
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