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scott_of_moore to get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, my friend answered it for me. i didnt think about it, i just thought it was funny. 8/1/2007 3:54:30 AM
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kaka8 i think that is just stupid.
if you'd really be an athlete, you would know that practices are even more important than matches!

that is a kid's thoughts
u know those who only do what they want to
2/15/2008 4:57:29 PM
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issmiss711 and there si such thing as perfection if i was to tell you to throw a ball at the wall you could do that perfectly i did nto tell you how to throw it jsut throw it at the wasll if i told oyu to go find a shirt to wear you could do that perfectly ........ and prectice may not make perfection but it will bring you closer and closer till you see the imperfection no longer 2/17/2008 10:41:02 AM
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stars_n_smiles its just a joke. it's sposed to be a finny quote. scott your friend took it too seriously..as did kaka and issmiss... 2/17/2008 1:09:36 PM
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stars_n_smiles *funny 2/17/2008 1:09:47 PM
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flapjackfighter no one is perfect because you cant practice at everything in life 2/17/2008 1:55:14 PM
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smooth0209 ofcors there is a lot of differences between practice and perfection.. see.. perfection in human being does not exist.. while if you are practice at least you've gain knowledge to know the things. doesn't mean your practicing, you need to be perfect.! that is why we are practicing coz wer not perfect! :) 2/21/2008 12:46:05 AM
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smooth0209 we've just learned! 2/21/2008 12:47:19 AM
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AnumQ i kinda agree with this quote ......
without practicing you don't know how was your shot.....
2/21/2008 6:28:19 AM
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