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scenebabe6 ok almost everyone who has a computer can read this so if everyone who can read that needed to get laid well then alot of people would be getting lucky. Plus not only those people would be getting laid but you would be too because if you can write that you can read that so you really just burned yourself 5/6/2008 8:07:18 AM
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nikki_no.14 I completely agree with scenebabe6. Seriously u gotta be mental not to get it and it was stupid posting it. 5/6/2008 10:01:43 PM
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whatboutyou? omg. it was a joke...
i found it funny....

5/7/2008 3:45:22 PM
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scenebabe6 thank you nikki no.14 5/14/2008 8:10:27 AM
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