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Lo-VE-Cr-IS-IS This is funny. I liked it alot. Thanks for posting. 10/5/2008 10:12:28 AM
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sodapopgirl99 i lanughed so hard when i read this i told my dad some of them and he couldn't stop laughing either LOLZ i'm glad that this was posted 10/22/2008 6:19:52 PM
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m.e.l. hilarious and so true 10/26/2008 5:24:31 PM
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wishing_on_a_star The first time I read this, I couldn't stop laughing! Then I tried to read it to my mom, but I was laughing so hard she didn't know what I was saying!!

This is definetly one of my favorite quotes!!
10/28/2008 7:44:37 PM
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