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sportychic is thios true 2 u 2 because for sokme odd reason i connect to this quote well...but i am afraid to tell others if this happens 2 u tell me 12/25/2004 10:47:50 PM
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wisdom yeh thats true...every1 has a 'image' that they want 2 portray and u kno wot its usually the 1's that seem the strongest r the weatkest..the 1 that seem most confident r most scared and the 1's that seem most happy r most sad.
not sayin its right but thats the way it is!
12/28/2004 2:13:20 PM
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sweet thing thats so true a can really relate to that 12/28/2004 8:08:45 PM
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ThoseEyes You mean you all feel that way?..That's not a good thing..And not everyone had an "image," I, for example, don't change when I'm around certain people. 1/8/2005 11:18:52 PM
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inxlovexwithxyou i have a "image" at school of always laughing and smiling and just not fighting..not caring.
I am VERY FRIENDLY and i noe just about eveyone at school..

but like only my best friend noes tht i do this.
shes seen it and when i first busted out..she didnt now what to do..
cuzz usually i act like im Fine..

so yeah this is like 1000% me
6/30/2008 4:54:43 PM
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micxj i know someone like that^-^ 5/22/2009 12:23:40 PM
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