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jennaa i guess this is kind of true, but idk which one to pick. because im in the situation where i'm still in love with this boy and it's been like 3 years.. and i just wanna talk to him about it. like i know for a fact he still loves me and has feeling for me its so obvious.. but i dont know that for a fact..and i wanna know. what if i like talk to him about it and im wrong and it ruins everything.. that would suck so bad. April 14, 2010
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fide9 Girl... What the hell are you waiting for??? Just go ahead and tell him! You're afraid of rejection, right? I know the feeling. And you've got to embrace it, because it will walk beside you throughout your life. You've got to tell him. You will be relieved and you will know that you couldnt have done nothing else to have him back. If he says no, well it's his loss, and most important move on. That's it. It's that easy. Don't say its not cause it is. If you really want to do it is that easy to move on and forget him. Well if he says yes, just enjoy and be happy. Good Luck! May 13, 2010
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