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Yenni dats wat happen 2 me we den we out..but den i had 2 break up with him cauze he gonna live somewhere really far away....but he didnt want 2 let go..2 tell yew the truth i still love him nobody gonna replace him..but den i relieaze i dat the luv i had 4 him gone away i jst like him as a friedn .but there another guy i like we became friends now i LUV him more den any other guy even the first bf...now we may go out May 17, 2010
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Anonymous This happened to mee too.
Last year I went to a new school, where I met a girl. We became friends, best friends. She had a boyfriend, and was very happy with him. But over the time we grew closer, and no matter how hard I tried not to, I fell in love with her.
For months I've kept this quietly, trying to get rid of my feelings for her, but I did not succeed. And still, now, I'm in love with her. After I told her, we remained friends. But after a while, she confessed something to me: she loved me too! But she still had a boyfriend, and she loved him too. So we could not be, and we still not are.
I am still in love...
May 17, 2010
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