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I would like to get in touch with the person who posted this, as it is a great story and i would like to know its origin.

11/8/2006 2:30:00 PM
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smile_cry Want the number?


google it.
11/8/2006 2:36:30 PM
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Baby_Gurl_Lean niice one smile! it actually mafde me laugh out loud. 11/8/2006 4:35:20 PM
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windog heh :)

no really, i want to know if its from a book of good saying or a poem or whatever

11/10/2006 3:34:03 PM
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Baby_Gurl_Lean hehe.
no really, we're serious.
11/10/2006 4:12:14 PM
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stars_n_smiles windog...i highly doubt the person who posted the quote even comes on this site anymore, let alone reads the discussion pages, because it was posted so long ago

your best bet is to google it, like smile said
11/11/2006 5:19:21 AM
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stars_n_smiles (and also...i've had that sent to me in an email, and it's likely that the person who posted it also had it sent to them and therefore doesnt know the origin) 11/11/2006 5:20:04 AM
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soujiro its easy to track forwarded mails if only they use SMTP or POP. 11/11/2006 9:06:32 AM
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windog i suppose.

Thanks anyway guys

btw, have tried google,yahoo, etc, nothing doing.



11/11/2006 11:03:21 AM
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PenguinLvr142 Heyyyy, ya i got it from an email so i don't really know where it came from. Sorry! 12/11/2006 10:12:14 PM
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smile_cry jesus. its you. well, the almighty..how old are you? 12/12/2006 3:40:28 PM
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