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TwistedPrinceOfTheDamned_ this is awsome! call me pathetic, but when i read this i cried, yes i am a guy, with this is so adorable! i'm crying as i write! :D 7/7/2007 8:02:30 PM
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heartbrokenguy omg me 2!
and im a guy xD
9/25/2007 1:51:22 PM
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hiz.babii.80. awww. it is so cute when a guy cries. it shows you actually have feelings and arent alwayz tryin to be a hard a** like every other guy i no.

luv tha quote too.
9/26/2007 3:21:47 PM
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drewsblondie2010 aww thats really really cute!
i love it when guys cry...


that's adorable.

i cried when i read that too.
it's really sad.
9/26/2007 8:29:12 PM
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forget_me that story just kills me! it's so horrible how they never knew!

9/26/2007 9:31:03 PM
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issmiss711 Yea so i love it when guys cry but some times you need a tough guy who wont cry and will jsut be your shoulder ................ love you guys for your courage though it is amazing how much better a guy is when tehy ahve the ability to cry 9/27/2007 4:44:35 PM
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fannynailer Gaaaaaaays 11/5/2014 3:04:59 PM
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