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Boys need to know:

-not all girls take four hours to get ready.

-don't call us when you're right around the corner and ask to pick us up.

-some of us want to actually watch the football game. make sure you know.

-our ex boyfriend will give you a dirty look the first time he sees us together. it's a part of life.

-most of us DO have guy friends. yo'll just have to deal with it.

-and our guy friends will scope you out before we go out on our first date. [this involves awkward questions]

-and they'll probably threaten you while we ARE going out that if you hurt us, they'll hurt you.

-most of our dads are way too overprotective. we're allowed to say it, you aren't.

-we do love a confident guy. but we also love shy guys that go out of their way to talk to us.

-not all of us like being called 'hot'. 'cute' or 'beautiful' is WAY better.

-glasses are cute on boys. it shows that you have a weakness.

-it's cute when your voice breaks in front of us...don't be ashamed of it.

-most of the time, we don't mean to lead you on. if we say it was an accident, IT WAS.

-if you're friends with us first, there's a better chance that we'll go out with you.

*i hope this helps all you guys out there*

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I happen to know that some girls like to lea guys on just to see how far they can take it, huh and they say guys have big egos

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