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LADIES get respect, HOES get wat they deserve
LADIES get catered 2, HOES gotta serve
LADIES stand by they man, HOES got anotha one on the side
LADIES wanna make luv, HOES just wanna ride
LADIES tell the truth, HOES lie all the time
LADIES are sexy classy and smart, HOES r just fine
LADIES got they own car, HOES need a oil change
LADIES shoot the target, HOES get out of range
LADIES want a husband, HOES want a thug
LADIES want success, HOES want a car wit dubbs
LADIES have children, HOES get knockd up
LADIES care for others, HOES just don't give a f***
LADIES go 2 college, HOES go 2 jail
LADIES appreciate this poem, HOES r mad as hell

Posted by sexy17 in Life  ID#:153646

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