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i'm the girl who changes every two seconds. can't make up her mind on what she wants. has no idea where she'll stand tomorrow, but never forgets about where she stood yesterday.

i overanalyze, always prepare for the worst, write novels in my head, but then forget how to talk. i look at things too closely, and give the best advice which i can somehow never seem to follow.
i'm always expected to have the answers. always expected to get it right.
i'm never expected to mess up.

but guess what??

i do.

i fall on my face over and over again. you think after a while i would figure things out.
but some things you never learn.
and yea, i believe in God. he's the reason for my purpose. he picks me up, even when no one else will.
but that dosn't put me up on a pedestal.
that dosn't make me any better than you.

God saves me.
it is impossible for me to save myself.

and maybe in your eyes that makes me weak. you might think i have to hide behind a cross and bible just to make sense of this world.

well, thats exactly right.
without my God, i am nothing.
i need him, and i cling to that more than the air i breathe.
i'm not perfect. and i'm learning that i never will be. i don't have all the answers. i'll probably even mess up more than you do. but that dosn't matter.
i'm an ordinary kid with an extraordinary saviour.

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