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Lets just forget yesterday.
Put the past behind us.
it never mattered anyway.
I gave you my undivided trust.
And you threw it far away.
Away from a retainable distance.
And each and every day.
My being fades to non-existence.
And its never coming back.
Back to where I want it to be.
When everything goes black.
I have to remember what it could be.
It will get better.
When it feels like it couldn’t get worse.
I let my heart write a letter.
To quench my longing thirst.
And tell you what I really mean.
When I say everything is okay.
Im trying to tell you.
That I can’t live another day.
I cannot live another day.
When nothing seems to work.
I give it my all.
And all it gives me is a smirk.
Im trying to heal.
Close my eyes and keep my mind wide open.
But this pain you make me feel.
Just wont allow me to let hope in.
But everyday to my best ability.
I hold in the heaping tears.
Overflowing now, my agility.
Like my worst fears.
But what is this I see?
A brightly shining light.
Flowing over me.
Blinding while I try to fight.
Now I know what this light is.
It will help me get through.
It has come to show my reason to live.
I take a huge leap.
And step into.
A whole new world.
Where an abundance of hope flows.
Joy and completeness together swirled.
And love forever grows.

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