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I don't get attached;
I don't want a relationship unless you can prove to me that not all men are the same. No your words don't mean s**t to me. No I can't trust you. No I don't believe you. Promises are nothing but spoken words to me. I know I'm not your one and only so don't say so. No I'm not the world. No my beauty doesn't make your day. No my laughter isn't music. No I'm not a rebound so I'm not going to sit here and wait til you're ready. And no I won't wait on your call. No you can't see the world in my eyes. No my smile isn't magic. No I'm not too good to be true; none the less your wishes came true. I am a princess; but not yours. I don't need money. I'm not different; trust me. Really am not looking for a fairy tale. I don't wish to be your everything but I do want to be major. I don't need you to be thinking about me every second of the day. Make me believe that we can forget the rest of the world just by holding hands. Tell me I'm beautiful; but only if you mean it. Miss me when I'm gone; so I can miss you too. Let me become your favorite girl; so you can be my favorite boy. No I'm not looking for a prince
I want a man that wants me to be me!

Posted by always_me in General  ID#:202276

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