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I'm sick and tired of the hiding behind walls of lies
I am sick and tired of being who people want me to be
I am sick and tired of living to these stereotypes
I am sick and tired of trying to help other people, when no one bothers to reciprocate
I am sick and tired of continuing the ways of a playa, because I'm afraid to ruin the one thing that I think I've done right in life

Yes, I'm sick and tired of it all...
But that doesn't mean that I am going to stop
Because, most likely, I won't
Call me shallow, call me weak, call me stupid, say that I have no right to possess the gift of poetry, of a writer

Yes, I know all this, and I agree
But when you've been through as much as I have
When you live in the hell that I've created for myself
When you been proven wrong on the fact that talking alone isnt insufficient to stop those you love most from abandoning you

You hang on to what you know
Yes, my life should be perfect, yes I have things that most don't have
But I am afraid, that if I try to step from behing this wall
People will see the disgrace I am
Everyone will abandon me
And I will have not even false happiness to hold on to

So, which will it be, I must ask myself

Lying to bend the truth of that which I really am
Or take the chance to lose it all, for the sake to begin healing?

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