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i finally realized today that im content with my life. it took me changing my number, blocking you out of my life for the past 6 months and having no contact what so ever. but i did it. i never thought the day would come where i could honestly say, im happy for you and ur girl. i used to despise friday and saturday nights. because it meant spending it alone, at home when we always used to spend those nights togther. now i relish those nights by myself. i laugh all the time now, and the smiles are not fake anymore.

yes it stings to hear your name, but hunny u can bet that you no longer have a say in how i feel. im surrounded by the mates that love me, ive realised whos fake, whos real and whos their for me through it all.

im not the girl you first met. that girl has totally changed. she is so much stronger and you can try as hard as you can and try to get in touch with me, or TRY and hurt me, but babe im not even going to bat my eyes at you any longer

i wish you well

Posted by ashy_nz in Life  ID#:217299

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