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I wish you knew how i felt,
how when i look at you i smile and wish you were mine.
I wish i could tell you how i felt,
instead of keeping it inside me feeling trapped knowing you probly have no idea how in love with you i am.
I wish i knew how u feel,
instead of guessing and going by all the signs which could be fake and leading me on.
I wish you felt the same way,
when you seen me you would be as happy too see me as i always am too see you trying too luv to the fullest.
I wish i could stop wishing and it were true,
the next time i see you, you would look at me the same way i look at you, and feel the same i feel just going for it and willing to give it my all thinking your the one and that can't be changed. You would ask me out finally and i can say wishing on a falling star works. Until that day i guess i will have to keep wishing. But all i know is that i love you and that won't change. ¢¾

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