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Why can't i stop thinking about him?
Maybe cause he is perfect for me.

When i'm around him why do i smile?
Maybe cause he treats me like i'm the only one.

Why do i always have butterflies when he kisses me?
Maybe its the soft way he does it.

Why do i always stare at his eyes?
Maybe Its the way they sparkle when he is with me.

Why do i get speechless at things he may say or do?
Maybe cause its everything i wanna hear.

Why do i love him?
Maybe cause its the way he treats me when your together.
Maybe its the way he shows me off to the world.
Maybe its the way he holds me.
Maybe its how he can always make me laugh.
Maybe its how he can always tell something is wrong.
Maybe its how he never gives up on me even when i make mistakes.
Maybe its cause he loves me too.
Maybe its that he is mine and i would never want to let him go.
Maybe its cause no matter what happebs he'll always be there for me.
Maybe its cause i want to be with him forever.

Wait its because he is everything i could possibley want and not only that but he is everything i have.

He is my SUPERMAN!!

Posted by Melissa_Price in Love  ID#:247552

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