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I wish you knew...
how i want to spend every waking moment with you
how i want to feel your breath on my neck every morning.
how i want to curl up with to you every night from now until forever
how every time i see you my knees want to give out
how i wil always drop whatever i am doing for a second to be near you
how i just cant help but to stare at your beauty
how the strands & flecks of brown in your eyes shine in the light of the sun
how i have memorized every detail of your face
how the sound of your voice bathes me in desire
how you take my very breath away wth a kiss
how it is feels when i see your smile... my heart stops
how i'm lost when you lay your head down on your outstretched arm
how good your hair feels against my skin
how your gentle touch makes me shudder
how i love to look up at you and have your hair cover us both
how I replay moments together with you over and over in my head
how every time you talk to me i get goosebumps
how the smell of your skin intoxicates me
how i don't want to wash my hands after i touch you to
how i want to hold your hand and walk in the park or the beach with you
how i want to wander all over NYC with you aimlessly
how i long to feel your head on my shoulder
how i want spend lazy aftenoons with you doing nothng...
how i long to lay wrapped in your arms in a rainstorm
how i want to turn out all the lights and watch the lightning with you
how i want to cuddle with you
how i want to sleep late with you
how i want to spend hours watching your favorite movies with you
how i want to watch cartoons with you and the kids
how i want to let you relax while i pamper you
howi want to massage your feet when they hurt
how i want to rub your tummy when it hurts
how i want to take care of you when your not feelng well
how i want watch you laugh so hard you cry
how i would love to bring you coffee in bed
how i want to show you off to the world
how i want the world to know you are mine
how the sound of your laughter fills me with joy
how your whispers soothe me and ease my worries
how i melt at just one look from you
how your lips touch mine and we become one
how your pouty bottom lip drives me insane
how you own me with one little crinkle of your nose
how i want to take away all your pain and fill you with happiness
how it kills me to see you sad
how i never wanna see you cry again unless its a happy cry
how you are the only one that can take my pain away
how much you heal me
how nothing else but you matters to me anymore
how much a little piece of me dies everytime i walk away from you
how i spend every second of everyday thinking of you
how i have planned to spend every second of everyday with you
how i have thrown myself into you like no one else in my life
how you know the "real me" the big mush
how i know the "real you" not the tough guy stuff
how i see through you
how you see through me
how we are perfect together
how well we fit in each ohers arms
how we were meant to be
how i have never loved anyone with my "whole" heart before
how good you make me feel
how you have given me hope for the future
how much you fixed a broken man
how blessed i am to have you in my life
how i pray to god to watch over you & keep you safe til i can do it myself
how i could drown in my desire for you
how i count the seconds til monday comes so i can see you
how i dread fridays because i'll be away from you for two days
how i wanna cry when know i'll be without you
how full you make my

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