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I wish you knew.....

how much you mean to me
how i want to start everyday with you at my side
how i want to end every night in you arms
how i can lose myself in your smile
how my heart skips a beat at the sight of you
how my heart races when you get close to me
the feeling in the pit of my stomach when i know we will be apart
how my heart pounds waiting for you to respond to my text messages
how i hang on every word you say to me
how excited i am when i get a text message
how disappointed i am when the text is not from you
how my passion for you overwhelms me
how i yearn to gaze into your eyes
how i crave running my hands through your hair
how my need to see you daily consumes me
how my every thought consists of you
how you exist in all i do
how captivated i am by you
how i know how much i need you
how i have found my one and only
how i want to spoon with you
how i want to sneak up behind you and cover your eyes
how i want to kiss the base of your neck
how i want to whisper "i love you" in your ear
how i need to feel your touch
how the scent of your skin is my nourishment
how i dream of you every night
how i daydream of you constantly
how i can never get enough of you
how i can't last a day without you
how i can just look at you for hours and never want to stop
how i can't wait to have you all to myself
how i have never loved anyone the way i love you
how i want to devote myself to your happiness
how i can't wait to give you all of me
how i can't wait to have all of you
how you are the only thing that matters to me
how i am like a junkie who needs you like a drug
how you have taken over my life
how i know you are mine and i am yours
how i pray for the day the you will be in my arms
how i will never let you go
how much i really truly love you alone
...........................................................to be continued


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