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i trusted you, i gave you my heart without a thought. I gave it to you to protect, but instead of keeping it safe on a shelf you played with it, i trusted you you use to say forever and now you say whatever. You never really cared and only wanted to see what stupid girl would fall for you. i was that stupid girl. i was like a new toy, but now i am old and you want something new. i trusted you and you never cared. i only wish now, not that you would have cared but that i wouldn't have been so stupid! that i would have seen who you really were and are. I will NEVER be that stupid girl again. Because of you i cen never hug, kiss, and worst of all love again. i am broken and no one can fix me. i will never be able to trust ever again i trusted you. Stupid.. Stupid... Stupid... the worst part of it all is i still love you. I will love you forever and always

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I know who u feel... I've been there.. well, i think i'm still there... But, don't worry... he made u stronger... ;)
some day you'll forget him, and then will come another to break your heart and another and another... until you find THE ONE THAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR ;) kisses
p.s.: smile cause you don't know whose day you're gonna brighten!!

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