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A 4:30 in the morning cry...

I miss my childhood.
I miss just having to fix skinned knees,
I miss believing in fairy tale endings.
I miss feeling safe, careless and free,
I miss the feelings of being invinsible or unbreakable,
I miss feeling healthy and brave.
I miss believing all the lives of those I have met and loved would last forever,
I miss not hurting or really understanding it all...

But now that I am older and I DO understand it...
I know to love, respect and appreciate ALL of those who have been a part of my life,
Even if it was just for a moment - good or bad.
Every life is precious, fragile and sometimes not long enough,
Behind every obstacle and missunderstanding there are hidden learning experiences we all must take with us - in order to relate, grow and appreciate the small things in life we are given.
Stop wanting to live in a past of hurt.
We have to move forward, shake off our blunders and appreciate the small things. We can stop looking at what we don't have or arent allowed to do because of money and start looking at what we do have.
Not TV's, cellphones, or computers... but having dry shelter, a warm bed, clean water, food, mostly free healthcare and access to have a proper education so we can all follow our dreams and soar.
I could go on forever...
As for loving your family (Friends considered family, guardians, foster famillies etc.) I hope it is a given that you know there is only one of every person.
When a close life parishes... be sure that you know you have done all that you can to show them the most respect, love and care no matter what the circumstances or situation. No obstacle is worth the feeling of regret - the regret of not being able to tell someone that you love that you are sorry or that you want to thank them for everything they have done - small or big.
Being understood and forgiven could build a new bridge deep down within,
Which allows self forgiveness and opens a door for all new beginnings to begin.
A miracle in diguise... an awakening.

Please consider this note and let's all start apprectiating what we have and maybe our childhood could prove to be the reason why we all have become so strong.
Pass what we know onto our children... let our children know of what we have forgotten in such a mean world.
What we knew as children...

NEEDS AND WANTS (How money controls people and how having love and respect is more important)
HOW OTHERS HURT (Not to tease... We are all made differently and that makes us who we are)
PHYSICAL PROBLEMS (That aren't peoples faults)

And last but not least - why it IS possible for them to overcome anything in their way - no matter the size... if handled with respect and positive thinking... positive things will happen...
Lets start building bridges...
Live - Love all that you can - learn and keep forgiving <3

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