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i'm not strong, i'm weak
i'm not brave, i'm a coward
i don't stand tall, i'm still oh so small
but i'm still here and that is key,
i'm still bitter but i'm no quitter
i kept my dream alive and ended up here
i have a lot to live for that is clear
i just kinda wish you understood
i really really wish you would
i went to my personal hell a dark place,
but i crawled back from there and i saw your face
i'm now thinking was the pain worthwhile,
cos i'm with you and i smile,
sure you make me cry and you make me mad,
but i have you forever and thats not bad,
for a long time all i wanted was my death
now i'm thanful for every breath
thak you for saving me but you still make it hard,
you ddon't care about my hurt that i'm scarred,
you need to understand what i went through to get to this place,
i need you to understand tho its a lot to embrace
tell me you think i'm strong,
don't tell me that you think i'm worng
i need you to respect me for what i went through,
i wear my hurt like a bleeding tattoo
i'm scarred for life its sad but true,
it hurtd cos i wish you knew,
i will never fully heal
cos the pain i went through was deadly real
i'm ok now but i have my moments for sure
all i need now is to know with you i'm secure.

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