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Dear Best Friend,

You mean the world to me and you always will. People say that a guy and a girl can't be best friends but what do they know?

When I lost a guy that meant a lot to me, I was so depressed and I still am. If that was bad, then losing you would be so horrible because you are so so important to me.

You make me smile when i'm frowning. You make me laugh when i wanna cry. You make my life so much more amazing and I don't know where I would be without you.

When we are apart, I know that you and I are still together. You are my sunshine when it's raining, my light at the end of the tunnel, my eyes when i can't see. I can always be myself around you and I like that.

I will forever cherish our friendship and you. Thank you for being your funny, jokingly mean,annoying and retarded self. I love you for it that. Forever and always.

Posted by terradanger in Friendship  ID#:271728
OMG!! this describes how i feel about my best guy mate perfectly :D

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