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after a very long time of not seeing each other, with some other friends, they met again. after the two of them were left alone, SHE finally said,"Please dont look at me with that angry eyes.please remember that it was you who pushed me to cross the line. You gave me the reason to think that i dont have anymore reason to stay any longer. It was you whos always been very vocal about saying you loved me. I dont say it as often as you did but hey... i stood by you until the very last moment. But why is that when i left, it seemed that everything was my fault when in fact its not just because of me? And now, we are sitting here face to face after a very long time and i can see anger in that eyes, I came here as friend like how we used to be, long before a ralationship even started and ended, So please stop looking at me like its all my fault because i am here right now, still single and you are here right now.. engaged. Now, tell me its my fault and that you loved me. Yes, i wasnt as vocal as you were but i kept my word the moment i said i love you."

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