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and it's like no matter how many times we fight and argue, i always come back to you, cause you were the one that was always there, and i guess thing's have changed, i just can't seem to let go because i need you, and i want things to be like they were before so badly that i can't accept that this is how things are now, and no matter how much i hope for them to be like they used to be, it won't change. and it's tearing me apart because you swore you'd always be there, yet for some reason, you were the first one to leave and you have no idea what it's doing to me, so i fake a smile and pretend everything's alright because i don't want anyone to see what i'm actually feeling because i was always the strong one in all of this. and i want you to know, that i will let go, because i can't do this anymore, i get my hopes up for nothing, and i'm sick of it, so i'm gonna get over this and try to move on, but when you come back to me, i hope you know that i'll turn and walk away, because i don't wanna go through this again. i stuck with you till the end, i was there when ever oyu needed me and i still am and this is what i get in return ? .. thank you best friend for failing your mission and letting me crumble to pieces for 6 months, but that's ok, because i realized something in all of this, i may need you, but i'm strong, and no matter how much i need someone, i CAN live without them.

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