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Electric Cars vs. Gas Cars

The main advantage to an electric car is the cost. The cost of an electric car is according to ("hybridcars") “2cents per mile” compared to gas powered vehicles that cost “12 cents per mile” “electric cars are cheaper to operate than gas cars”. You can also charge your electric car at home.
If you want to go green and lower your emissions “the eclectic car has zero tail pipe emissions” says ("hybridcars"). Electric cars are very quiet. ("Oracle ThinkQuest") says “The first thing that a person will notice as soon as they drive an EV for the very first time is that it is considerately quiet. You can roll up the windows and the noise of everyday life seems to disappear, allowing you to enhance your listening pleasure for music, conversations on your car phone, or just giving you the peace to think freely while driving.”
Gas cars take less time to re-fuel. ("hybridcars") says “it takes minuets to refill a gasoline car vs. hours to recharge an electric car” so nobody going to come along and wait around a couple hours to recharge your battery if you run out of charge (that’s why nobody going to give you a gallon of battery). Gas cars also have further range. ("hybridcars") says, “Gasoline cars can go 300+ miles without refueling” “Electric cars go about 100 miles per charge”
You think you are saving the environment with an electric car but the batteries can be hazardous to the environment and some electrical plants pollute. ("hybridcars") says, “the process of producing the electricity moves the emissions further upstream to the utility company’s smokestack” (if you want your car to be cleaner put a better muffler on). (Elton) says “The Prius' Synergy Drive looks clean and tidy now, but those big old batteries will eventually pose an environmental risk…Disposing of the batteries when they outlive their usefulness also raises environmental challenges.”. The batteries used in electric cars don’t last that long, ("Oracle ThinkQuest") says “electric cars batteries that can last up to four years or 40,000 miles (depending upon the type of batteries being used)”.
Electric cars might be quit but do you really want or need a quit car? Some times people listen for an engine so if they hear it they can get out of the street fast enough. ("Oracle ThinkQuest") says “a lot of drivers depend upon noise in order to control their driving. You know that if you hear the acceleration of a motor rapidly coming towards you, you can react in time to move away. This also applies to pedestrians and can help to keep them out of danger.”
Electric cars are a good idea, but only if you don’t have to travel very far. But for every one else the problems should be worked out like, the range, charge time, and the negitive effect the batteries have on the environment, before we start buying them, just stick with the modern convent way gas cars.

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