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I can’t wait to spend time with you. It seems like those days are so far away, when they are actually so close that I can almost feel it. I miss you so much and I can’t wait for the day when I will finally see you. I can’t wait to be able to touch you, to hold you in my arms and you hold me in your, to kiss you, to feel your breath on my skin, to feel your touch, to be able to look in your eyes when I tell you I love you and look in your eyes when you say it back. I long for the days we will get to spend together. I have missed you so and there’s nothing I want more than to be able to feel your embrace.

I remember you texting me, telling me that it was a mistake for you to break up with me, that you didn’t realize what you had until you lost me. Baby, you never lost me. You can’t lose what you have always had and you have always and will always have my heart. I was always there, always with you. I’m the one who lost you. We remained friends, sure but I can’t help but feel in some way that I lost you in some way. I recall that one morning you told me that we were never getting back together. In that moment, I felt like my heart shattered. I lost the hope that we would ever be together again and yet here we are, together again and I don’t want to ever lose you again. I want to be with you as long you want to be with me. You are the only man that I love, and I never want to have to let you go.

You are the best thing that has happened to me in my whole life. I am happy being with you and I don’t want that to ever change. And I hope that you are happy being with me. I love seeing the smile on your face, and I love being able to always smile when I’m around you. You just seem to light up my life. And despite all the bad stuff that’s happened since I’ve been here, there is something I will never regret. I’m glad that I met you, and I’m glad I fell for you. No man could ever compare to you.

It has only been around six, almost seven weeks since you left here to work on bettering your life more and yet it feels like it’s been longer. I don’t like being apart from you but I know that you are doing what you need to to live your life. And I have to say that I am proud of you honey for the things that you have accomplished. You are living your life the way that you want without regard for what anyone else has to say.

I have to say that despite how much I say that I hadn’t, I am glad that I stayed here as long as I have. If I hadn’t stayed, I don’t think you and I would have become such good friends and I don’t think that we would have ever gotten together. If there is anything that I am thankful for, it is for meeting you and for being with you. I know that we didn’t always get along the greatest in the past, but that has changed the more that I have gotten to know you. I misjudged you when we first met and for that I am deeply sorry. I am glad to know you now and to have you in my life. I wouldn’t change that for the world.

I have never had a guy treat me as good as you do. You are too good to me and I feel as though I don’t deserve a guy like you. I feel like you deserve better than me because you are such an amazing person and I feel I don’t compare to you. You don’t care what anyone thinks or says about you. You know how to be yourself, whereas I haven’t always had the courage to be myself because I felt that I wasn’t good enough for anyone. Now I only want to be myself, for you. I only want to be me because you love me for who I am and sometimes I don’t see wh

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