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Conversation between a boy & a girl:
Boy: I love her she's perfect, I cant imagine my life without her!
Girl: She feels the same about you.
*mean while they're talking the girl receives a message from the boys girlfriend, as she read it in a loud voice, the text went like this: Ukh I hate him I didn't want to date him from the first place what a stupid bet I made can you help me , I know that you love him and all so break us apart and take him ugh he's lame OMG!
Girl: I'm sorry I got a text, I read it ,so back to what we were talking about
Boy: Yeah I heard you while reading it..
Girl:I'm sorry I didnt want this to happen I couldnt I I I umn .. *While tearing* I'm sorry :( , I didnt think you'd here that :S
Boy: It's okay, at least I now know the truth , F*** it, thanks bye.
Girl: But waiit...
*he hanged up the phone already!*

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