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7th grade:
it was my first day bran new school and i was scared a little school not like public school one class each grade i left public school because all the guys made crude gestures to me and called me a slut and a whore my first boyfriend = all his fault telling all his friends he did all this stuff with me the farthest i've gone is making out. i walk into the class room and all the eyes set on me i was anxious and nervous i some guys wink at each other and hear a boy say " damn she's hot" i smile to myself ofcourse i love attention who doesnt the teacher walks over to me smiles puts her hand on my back and says nice to meet you swet heart tells me to sit between a really pretty skinny brunet and a really cute shaggy haired skinny jeans wearing tall skinny boy his name was blake her name was abby.

a few months later :
abby my best friend my twin my love ( no homo) and blake my crush the guy i stare at when i'm not doing school work or something we joke around he hugs me and plays with my hair tells me about this girl he likes as i hate her and dont no her i envy nd think what the he// he describes her and im just like her look wise and personality being upset cause he likes her and not me and im like her but better.i kiss him on the cheek when he jokes around pretending like it ment nothing.

9th grade:
were in high school me and abby still closer than sisters and me and blake well he still talks about his crushh and i'm still crushing on him. he hesitated and was gonna tell me something then stoped he said he forgot it was just a question about math i said okay and went to my locker abby folling saying wwhat did he i ask u i say absolutely nothin she giggles and walks away.

4 months later:
it was thursday 2:10 we were getting out of school i was walking to my bus he could walk home cuz he lives 5 minutes from it he grabs my arm and pulls me in i stubble into a hug and then jump back in place he tells me he was going to some party with his friends invited e but i had to say no cuz i had a cheer practice from 5 to 9 andd then tumbling he laughed said i was a loser nd winked and walked away laughing and i giggled.the next day my mom waled ito my bedroom and told me there was no school because of the teachers in service day so i called abby.

that monday;
i walked in saw blakes best fiend alex tearing up i asked where blake was and wat was wrong i started to cry and pointed at abby i ran to abby even tho she was like 50 lockers down got there out of breath and nervous tapped her back and she turned around as i saw the fear i her eyes her face was so wet her eyes bloodshot she grabbed me and hugged me and said omg i cant belive i found you i lost my phone so i couldnt call i turned around everyone was crying i asks impatiently what was rond a big phat tear rolled down he face and she managed to say blake is dead. i stopped threw my back against her locker and started to cry boundlessly she hugged me and started to say im so sorry it happend thurs- i stopped her ran for the school frontt doors and ran to the forest that was next to my school i threw myself on the groung just crying thinkin g if i went this would have never happend

2 weeks later;
it was his funeral i was in the first row his select friends where there and then his mom dad and little sister it was me abby and alex i was crying alittle more than his own sister was and i stopped and listend as his aunt or something said and now i would like to read a beautiful poem type story by

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