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at the age of 3 it was '' Mom i love you''.. At the age of 8 it's '' You're the best mom''... At the age of 13 its mom whatever.. At the age of 16 its UGHHH! you get on my nerves!... At the age of 18 it's i cant wait to move out .. At the age its mom you were right... at the age of 30 its i wanna move back in with mom.. At the age of 50 its i dont want yo lose you mom... At the age of 70 it's i would do ANYTHING to have my mom back by my side... you only get one mom , the one that gave you like,so love her and respect her... while you can because when you dont have her by your sid youre going to wish you did (:

Posted by nini870 in General  ID#:411646

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