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Once, an old man was siting on a bench of a garden with his 25 yrs old son, There was a tree beside d bench. Old man saw a bird siting on d tree.He asked d son,"what is dis?" Son replied, "its a crow".
The old man again asked what is dis?" Son said, I already told u,that its a crow.
The old man again asked what is dis ? Son angrily said, "r u deaf or mad, papa? How many times to tell u its a crow.Can't u understnd ?"
Oldman, patiently replied,
"my dear son,when u were 5yrs old,u asked me 174 times, d same question that what is this.I replid everytime with a kiss, that is a crow ! now, I asked u 3 times, and u were iritated. Its d difference b/w d love of parents and love from d children ! So please do your duty when ur parents r dependent on u.."
Don't hurt them.
Luv ur parents :) ¢¾

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