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The problem with politics these days is that they have lost their vision of the true reasons why this great country is so amazing. They sell you with this America founded on ideas, and their ideas to bring success back to the American people. When the reality is that ideas by themselves are worthless. What really makes a leader is the ability to see the POTENTIAL of an idea and having the passion to infatuate themselves with it. ideas have no face value, they are built by dreams that can only come from a hungry mind driven by the passion to make it reality. Ideas don't care what how they look or what they wear; they want to accomplish, no matter what obstacles get in their way. Ideas are not perfect and can bring about mistakes, but I'd rather have a leader make minor mistakes, thriving on the potential of what could be, then the perfect idea without it, because I know that an true leader will be up all night obsessing over learning from his or her faults and seeing the potential of the worst situations. The potential of an idea doesn't lye in a leader's money, looks, or smile; they manifest in their dreams. Dreams that bring the best of qualities to any person who dares fight for the success of their visions. A leader that doesn't need to sleep to imagine a better world. A leader that remembers what this country was really was founded on. A country that isn't just an idea filled with land surrounded by borders, but a new beginning to something even better. Besides, Congress is already bloated with the empty words of new ideas and doesn't need anymore... Congress needs an able leader so that we may all believe once again in the potential of a greater America. A leader that can one day join the honor of the men and women who died for this great Country, leaders like Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King, JR. and our great four fathers and so many more - The America we founded, fueled with hope, sacrificed by the brave, united from individuals from a far, brought together by remarkable visions, preaching from a podium, shared by Americans sitting at the dinner table, not just on ideas, but passion sparked by the ability to see the real potential of America,and once again having the hunger, not for food, but the inspiration that one day they will see themselves living the American dream.

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