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you never really stop loving someone. you just learn to try to live without them

"you never really stop loving someone. you just learn to try to live without them"

Posted by ashmae234 in Love  ID#:9387
F*** YOU! I"m trying to find helpful stuff, damnit.
this is true if you lost someone you were in love with. because life totally sucks without them, you may act like your over them and what not but deep down ur really not ok. you still think about that person all day pretty much everyday and it sucks no matter how hard u try that feeling will never go away, also even if you find someone else..your still gonna love your first love..maybe if you fall in love with someone else more than u were with that one special person.. but idk that hasn't happened to me yet.. ive been trying and its not working
Im not so sure bout this quote... I have stopped loving people... I didnt just learn to live without them. I know its differant for everyone though. But I know its not hard to stop loving someone. And moving on with out them.. I mean not unless you were in love.. being in love and loving someone are two differant things.. then i can understand... I believe in your life you only truly fall in love once.. and all the other times were just fazes... or fantasys... i know sounds weird.. but yeah. heh.. This is a pretty quote though so im not downing the person who wrote this quote. to each thier own i guess.. :-)

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